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Nervous Wreck

I'm terribly nervous about my journey tomorrow. Several problems are awaiting me:

  • I will arrive one day late for registration. Therefor I have to call a number one of the clerks gave me. He answered the question whether it was possible to speak in English there with "I think so".

  • I payed my fee for the student's dormitory, but I've got no answer whether my application was accepted or not.

  • I travel with a girl which is very nice, but also very different from me; meaning she enjoys parties, night life and such frightening stuff. I hope we will get on with each other.

  • I have a 14-hours-flight.


P.S.: But I managed to install the wireless keyboard on my PPC.


Feb. 21st, 2006 06:26 am (UTC)
Als ich den Kommentar "Bist mein Tennisschläger" in TheBat! gelesen habe, wo die Bilder abgeschaltet sind, habe ich mich wirklich sehr gewundert, was das heißen soll und schon alle möglichen Interpretationsansätze gehabt. Nun, so, wie es aufgelöst worden ist, gefällt es mir.

Danke für die Wünsche!